Robotics Centre


How do we get software updates for the r70?

Software updates come out periodically and can be seen on the R70 MCS in the ‘UPDATE’ settings menu portion. R70 pilots will be shown how to access and update their aircraft during training and where to receive the software updates.

If an unmanned system has a broken part, how do we reach out for a replacement?

Reach out to Robotics Centre by email or phone:
Phone: +1.613.755.2280

How do we arrange for unmanned system Training?

Reach out to Robotics Centre by email at:
Reach out to Robotics Centre by phone at: +1.613.755.2280

Can training be provided at any location?

Robotics Centre is flexible and has provided training globally to customers.

What training services are provided?

Robotics Centre provides a complete course training package which includes full spectrum services:

  • Pre-course student study package
  • In class theory
  • Field/Flight training and practice
  • Applicable final training exercise/confirmation of knowledge
  • Receipt of training certification upon successful completion of course
  • Access to training videos and course material handouts

*Note: Students must have their Basic RPAS certification in order to comply with regulations within their respective countries. 

What unmanned systems do you provide training on?

Robotics Centre provides training on the following systems:

  • Skyranger R70
  • C–Astral SAQ
  • Baaz
  • Avidrone 210TL
  • Deep Trekker Revolution ROV
  • CFID
How do I contact someone for technical related issues?

Customers can contact Robotics Centre by phone or by email with their technical issues by email or phone:

Reach out to Robotics Centre by email at:
Reach out to Robotics Centre by phone at:  +1.613.755.2280