Defence & Security

With unmanned systems and their payloads becoming increasingly sophisticated, reliable, miniaturized, and modular, these unmanned systems are increasingly being utilized for military and law enforcement purposes. 

Vice versa such systems are being used against military and law enforcement, requiring the need for safe counter measures and controlled management of unmanned system payloads.

Applications in defence and security are numerous and focus on providing personnel the ability to limit their exposure to life-threatening scenarios, increase their transport capabilities in areas unreachable by ships, aircraft, or land vehicles, and act as extensions to their senses; scouting and conducting reconnaissance closer to an area of interest than traditionally feasible.

Counter Drone Tech

Underwater Recon 

Aerial Surveillance

Ultra Long Endurance 

For more detailed information Contact Robotics Centre as solutions are limited to government agencies

Defence and Security Case Study


The recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada has caused an explosion of growers and producers. As production moves to large outdoor fields, the ability for Canadian Inspectors to effectively and efficiently perform their duties is challenged, simply due to scale. Moreover, as producers vary widely (large facilities, industrial, and even residences), inspections occur where information about a site is not readily available, leaving inspectors open to personal safety and security risks. As a solution Robotics Centre introduces inspectors to both agricultural and security-based robotic fuelled data collection and offers consultation with a focus on unmanned system program feasibility, design, and implementation within the Government of Canada processes.