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For over a decade, the Robotics Centre has proudly brought Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into service with military and industrial clients. Headquartered in Ottawa, we have offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia & Sapporo, Japan.

Over the past decade, the Robotics Centre has delivered over 1,000 UAS and payloads to defence & security clients, trained over 1,100 operators, and maintained the fleet at our dedicated workshop. Robotics Centre also provides training, maintenance & support, and builds components to augment systems such as the ECHO™ signals intercept payload and the SunStone™ hardened GPS solution for small UAS.


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Mobile phone identification, geolocation, and interrogation.

Automatic configuration and transmit

Survey and analyse the real cellular network quickly and automatically

Quick and accurate handset geolocation

Quickly and automatically identify cellular handset(s) of interest

Robotics Centre brings the Smith Myers award-winning NESIE™ software suite to the Teledyne FLIR SkyRanger™ R70 and R80D SkyRaider™ platforms with ECHO™. It extends the Teledyne FLIR next-generation payload family with a fully integrated low SWaP-C package for the automatic surveying and emulation of real mobile phone networks for the identification, geolocation and interrogation of mobile phone handsets and subscribers.

ECHO™ is comprised of a Software Defined Radio coupled with proprietary 2G, 3G, and 4G (5G in development) Macro-Cell Protocol Stacks covering all global cellular frequencies.

ECHO™ provides rapid identification and location of cellular handsets with industry-leading speed. The system offers a comprehensive suite of interrogation and analysis tools that can be used in real time while the system is fully operational. During an operation, results can be cross-referenced instantly, and ECHO automatically compares live data to past operations, highlighting any pertinent information for the operator.

ECHO supports Smith Myers’ common web-based multiplatform user interface with no requirement for re-training between platforms.

ECHO features ECHO CNX™ a FLIR Mission Control System (MCS) plugin designed to provide SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider pilots enhanced target discovery, acquisition, and geolocation during ECHO missions.


Weight 1.04kg (2.29lbs)
Operating Temperature  -20∞C to 50∞C (-4∞F to 122∞F)
Output Power 120mW (Peak)
Operating System LINUX
Internal Memory 32GB
Ethernet Yes (FLIR SkyRanger/SkyRaider Network Integrated)
Wifi Yes (FLIR SkyRanger/SkyRaider Network Integrated)
Bworser UI Yes
Multilanguage Available
Laptop Yes

Quick & Automatic

Automatic Configuration and Transmit

Using the Smith Myers SDR, ECHO is designed to act like a cellular handset and a base station in one. This negates the need for an additional receiver and integrates the survey data with the required transmit parameters. Using live or historical survey information, ECHO is able to emulate the real network, effectively turning the system into a base station that is able to interact with cellular handsets in the same way as the real mobile network operator.

Survey and analyse the real cellular network quickly and automatically

ECHO offers users the ability to receive clear data transmitted by 2G (GSM), 3G
(UMTS), and 4G (LTE) cellular networks (5G in development) in the area of operation. This survey data is in-turn used to emulate the real network automatically without the need for any operator analysis or intervention. Or, if required, the network survey data can be analysed and modified with full manual configuration in real-time. All survey data can be stored for future use or analysis and ECHO allows for the import/export of survey data across equipment.

Quick and Accurate Handset Geolocation

While interacting with the handset, ECHO offers the ability to accurately geolocate
the handset using a number of different geolocation techniques. Three separate geolocation techniques are available to offer greater redundancy and allows the operator to select the technique that best suits the operational location and scenario quickly and automatically. Geolocated handsets are shown on the map in real-time and the operator can quickly choose whether to map single or multiple handsets using our mass-mapping algorithm. It is even possible to draw a geofence over an area of specific interest thus ignoring handsets outside the geofence.

Quickly and automatically identify cellular handset(s) of interest

ECHO can quickly identify and locate cellular handsets with industry-leading speed.
The system offers our users a full suite of interrogation and analysis tools that are available for use in real time as the system is in full operation concurrently. Results can be cross-referenced in real time during an operation and ECHO automatically compares live results to those from past operations highlighting any pertinent information to the operator automatically.