Advanced Visualization

Proper digestion of data is just as important as its collection. Regardless of how well data has been collected, refined and processed, unless the same level of care is placed on its consumption the data is rendered useless.

With the level of volume and complexity of data involved in industrial operations the ability for end-users to interact with such data in a natural and seamless manner is a high priority of digital transformation.

The ability for users to immerse themselves in the data, whereby information is presented in a manner that feels real and actionable allows users to easily comprehend and provide informed feedback. This can be achieved through User Interfaces that incorporate augmented and virtual reality on top of digital twin representation of assets. A digital twin is the digital representation of an asset, whereby aspects of derived business intelligence with respect to the asset are integrated in real-time. Moreover, through the use of physical actuators in the asset connected to the digital twin a user is able to interact and manipulate the physical asset through respective interaction with the digital twin. Furthermore, as the digital twin can be purposefully manipulated without actioning the physical asset, simulations can be executed as part of decision-making processes.

data immersion

Data immersion

refinery inspection

Interaction with data in a natural and seamless manner