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Robotics Centre is an ecosystem of technologies and partnering companies coming together to power end to end innovation where best of breed is our focus. Our mission is to not only provide exceptional robotics, but to design, integrate, and deliver an end to end solution that fits within your information architecture, from data collection to data visualization.

Full Data Stack Provider

Data is the fuel of digital transformation. How data is collected, stored, fused, refined, and digested is of utmost importance to the success of your digital blueprint. Robotics Centre is a Full Data Stack provider.


Data is the new Oil

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Immersing personnel in data using the latest in augment and virtual reality innovation.


Making your data work for you through predictive and prescriptive decision support systems.


Combining and fusing simple sensory data sets to achieve increasingly complex and rich information sets.


Utilizing advancements in artificial intelligence remove the burden and potential inaccuracy of human based analysis over large infinite data sets.


Utilizing specialty robotic platforms (air, land, sea) and payload sensors, effectively and efficiently collect data in areas and environments where humans will not, should not, or cannot venture.

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Edge Analytics

The ability to process analytics at the networks edge (i.e. the unmanned systems themselves) provides a highly scalable distributed computing architecture and adds a level of intelligence to unmanned system rich for exploitation in terms of automation, autonomy, and swarm collaboration.

True Autonomy

Achieving true autonomy, especially in GPS-denied environments (e.g. indoors, underground, etc.) is a very challenging problem. True autonomy originates from the human autonomous nervous systems and is based around the properties of self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing, and self-protection.

Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making.

Advanced Visualization

Simplify the absorption, interaction, and discussion of high volume and complex data through  digital advancement in augmented and virtual reality.

Technology Highlights


SkyRanger R70

FLIR's next generation SkyRanger establishes a new benchmark for small UAS performance and reliability.

DeepTrekker ROV

Commercial grade mini ROV with patented pitching system for unmatched maneuverability

DeepTrekker Pipe Crawler

An ideal drone for professional pipe inspections

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